Security Industry Trends 2021: Technology reshaping the scope of the industry

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Despite the impact of the pandemic in 2020, the latest trends have shown an increased shift in the use of technology in the security industry. According to Hikvision Digital Technology: "these changes are expanding and reshaping the scope of the security industry."

We're noticing a steady rise in the need for intelligent video technology as businesses adapt to remote working and are finding ways to connect safely with their people to resume operations. Thermal temperature monitoring has also become invaluable, not only for perimeter protection but also to detect elevated body temperatures in populated areas. In the interest of managing hygiene, touchless access control systems and facial recognition continue to gain popularity in our new normal.

The industry is constantly evolving, offering advanced security solutions to put users in control of their space. As we watch the needs of people change in the age of technology and as a result of the global pandemic, at Remez Security SA, we are ready to support businesses and individuals in need of increasing and improving their electronic security system requirements.