Take Control with Complete End-to-End No-Touch Access Control Solutions

Updated: May 11, 2021

Times have changed. We've become more aware of what we touch, where we've been and with whom we've come into contact. Now more than ever, ensuring a contactless access control experience while maintaining security on your premises is invaluable to businesses for better hygiene, convenience and freedom of movement for your employees, partners and customers.

This month, we highlight the features and conveniences of no-touch access control systems and its benefits to businesses, both small and large.

As an authorised gold value added solution partner for full range to Hikvision, Remez Security recently completed an upgrade and full installation of no-

touch access control for a valuable client in compliance with Covid-19 protocols. Our client inherited an old, outdated access control system when they moved into their offices. To ensure the hygiene and safety of their employees, suppliers and customers, Remez Security assessed, designed, upgraded and installed a complete Hikvision no-touch access control system to meet their requirements.

The upgraded no-touch access control system included an access controller, readers for time and attendance, face recognition terminals with mask detection, contactless tags with readers as well as sensors for turnstiles.

Facial recognition is the preferred choice to replace access cards. The convenience of revealing your face to gain access into secured areas is far more beneficial than a physical access card that can often get lost, misplaced or damaged, which often causes hassles for busy operations - not to mention germ transmission.

Legacy systems are not uncommon in the security systems installation industry. Technologies have become more advanced in recent years, and at Remez Security, we pride ourselves on designing solutions that can adapt to changing environments without compromising security for longer term investment in the system.