Service Excellence, a Priority for Electronic Security Solutions

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Remez Security SA celebrates 40 years in business. To mark this occasion, and to strengthen our brand presence in the industry, we've refreshed our logo and website design. Our new logo represents our commitment to unlocking new possibilities, while preserving our legacy of service excellence in everything that we do.

Service Excellence since 1979

One of the most valuable lessons we've learned from our history is that service excellence is everything. We believe in working closely with our clients and building solid relationships to provide relevant solutions that meet industry standards and client needs. We maintain open and honest business relations, and are upfront about the equipment and services that we offer with a duty to deliver quality work and service excellence - values that have been at the centre of how we work since 1979!

Commitment to Quality Work

We are serious about quality. Through our innovative, customised security solutions for all business needs, we conduct expert consultations and professional risk assessments to determine the best possible electronic security solutions for our clients’ needs. As a registered member of SAIDSA and an approved service provider of alarm and CCTV installations, we comply with the standards and requirements set out by the association of security providers for security systems. When it comes to quality and standards of installation, we are committed to delivering professional work with service excellence because compliance saves lives.

Our trusted expertise

With 40 years in the security industry and 100 years’ combined experience, we are a trusted, professional electronic security solutions provider. In a world of quick fixes, we’ve formed a team of dedicated specialists: professional individuals who care and understand the fundamental impact of their work on each project. Our philosophy is to encourage an upfront, honest approach to delivering quality, service oriented electronic security solutions to the industry, and enable talent within our sector who adopt the same principles.

Remez Security SA has been securing the environment for large corporate businesses and financial institutions professionally, using quality equipment and the utmost commitment to service excellence for four decades and our commitment is to continue doing so into the future.